Based in Abbotsford, Melbourne. Specialising in fine art
printing and hand finished custom picture framing.
The careful handling and transportation of Art is essential for both buyer, dealer and private 
seller alike. We value your piece of art as much as we value our own.
Ball & Doggett is the place where all great communication starts.
From paper, packaging, indoor and outdoor advertising, foils to inks
and more, we provide the raw materials for all kinds of projects.
Be Bold.
Creative Direction.
Innocent Bystander wines are delicious expressions of what
we love to make and drink. They’re perfect for exploring iconic
varieties from our home in the Yarra Valley as well as inspiring
varieties from elsewhere in Victoria.
Kayell Australia is a one stop shop for online and person to person professional imaging
solutions covering all aspects of Digital Imaging, Videography and Graphic Arts.
Creating appealing & distinctive images for your brand. Highly regarded commercial
food & prop stylist working on advertising campaigns from conception through to execution.
Styling food, drinks & products for advertising, editorial, publishing, tv commercials & packaging.
Recipe development, prop hire & set dressing Kirsty offers a complete package for all your styling needs.

Patisserie by Raf
Patisserie by Raf - family business with traditions, offers extensive selection of European -
inspired sweet delights and freshly baked pastries. Our offer can be tailored to Your needs
and likes and delivered with impeccable service.
Discover the Spirit of Japan, curated and delivered to your door.
Inspired by Japanese Aesthetics and culture, SakeBox brings together
Japans love of ceremony, beauty, multi-functional objects and thoughtful
detail in the approach to everyday life. SakeBox makes discovering
premium Japanese sake more approachable by providing a unique, sensory
experience. We explore the rice fields from Hokkaido to Okinawa to bring
exotic brews to your door, together with detailed guides and brewery
history to help you navigate through the intricacies of each sake.
Join our monthly Sake Club, send a gift or let us take you on a Sake
Discovery Journey through our surprising and delightful food-and-
sake pairings.
Specular is the Australian supplier for high-end photographic & imaging solutions, rental and training.
Combining technology with a passion for image perfection, remarkable image makers rely on Specular for
the world’s best photography equipment.
SAMPLE creates Fine Beer of uncompromising taste. Led by a philosophy
to inspire people who value the discerning blend of taste, quality and
design, we experiment with classic and new age recipes to bring you
refined flavours from batch to batch.